Are You Waiting For Your Soul Mate?

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Romantics love the notion that everyone on the planet has one perfect person who we were "meant" for, someone who will complement our life in a way that no one else could.

This one person that has been created just for us will be the happy ending to every fairy tale about which we ever dreamed, and our love will finally be complete when we meet.

But do we really have a soul mate?

There are 7 billion people on this Earth, millions just in surrounding cities, so isn't it just a little unrealistic to think you might one day find the one out of 7 billion born just for you?

If you believe it is indeed possible, you must also consider that nothing could ever stand in the way of your destiny with that person, that the will of the Universe will not be thwarted.

Well, one in seven billion is not very good odds, so You'd better hope there is a heavenly force assisting you!

It's all very moving, but how will I know this special someone when we meet?

The idealists reading this will tell you, "You will immediately recognize them."

Okay, so you meet someone, somehow, someway and you instantly fall for each other. You are giddy with excitement and never feel complete unless you are in the presence of this person created to be your love. It is obvious to the both of you that you are soul mates.

You decide to spend your lives together, tie the knot, and have kids. Not long after, the butterflies wear off, you have real life problems, the relationship falls apart as you begin neglecting each other's needs, and you split up. Then what happens?

You tell yourself that it was not meant to be, that you apparently were not soul mates, and your ACTUAL soul mate is still out there somewhere looking for you.

I suppose you then meet someone else, start again, fall in love, and repeat. If things progress well and your relationship grows, this new person becomes "the one." If not, then they weren't. If your previous love was not your soul mate, how in the heck were you to know it? You thought it was meant to be. You got married because you were so convinced.

The fact is that you really CAN'T know whether someone is your soul mate or not. You might assume that couples who make it to a 50 year wedding anniversary do so because they were "meant to be." I say they just decided to work hard, love each other above all else, and refuse to be defeated.

If you believe in the notion of soul mates, you must be very disheartened. The divorce rate continues to rise year after year. It is now the norm. As soon as today's senior citizens are gone, marriage rates will plummet. People just don't fight hard enough for their relationship to last forever any more.

Are any relationships really meant to be? I don't think so. I think if couples care enough about one another to deal with all the relationship pitfalls that they will ultimately face, they'll make it. If not, well...then I guess it really wasn't meant to be.

Which means that their real soul mate is still out there somewhere.

Or are they?

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Are You Waiting For Your Soul Mate?

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Are You Waiting For Your Soul Mate?

This article was published on 2012/01/05
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