Four Steps to Attracting Your Soul Mate

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1. Take full responsibility for everything that you have created in your life up to this point including your romantic relationships. Realize that there is no such thing as a "coincidence" or "bad luck". Nor is it a numbers game. No matter how many people you date, if you still have issues to work on, you will continue to attract people who have the same issues. If you have been attracting dysfunctional people into your life, take an honest look at yourself and your own dysfunctional behavior.

2. Create a "Soul Mate Profile". A Soul Mate Profile is a list of all the characteristics and personality traits you want in your mate. Doing this will help you to get clear about what you want which is the first step in using the Law of Attraction to attract the love you want.

Sometimes knowing what you don't want can help you to determine what you do want, so it may be helpful to look at your past relationships to see what you feel was missing in them and you can make sure you add these things to your list. This list should be as inclusive as possible.

3. Determine what changes you'll need to make in yourself in order to attract this person. You must become the person you want to attract! Look at the Soul Mate Profile you've just made and for each item you have on your list, ask yourself, "Am I like that?" For example, if one of the qualities that you are looking for is someone who is good at managing money and you are drowning in debt, then you know you need to learn how to manage your own financial affairs before you'll be able to attract your soul mate. You are not looking for someone to rescue you, you are looking for an equal partner.

4. Get to work on yourself! Create a self-improvement routine for yourself using energy changing techniques such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapas Acupuncture Technique (TAT) and the use of mantra. If you need to lose weight or get more physically fit, find a fitness program that you can stick to. Try something that you find enjoyable, like dance lessons or martial arts.

My guides have assured me that it is not necessary to be perfect in order to attract a Soul Mate. They tell me that what is most important is how you feel about yourself. For example, if you are still 30 lbs. overweight, that won't necessarily stop you from meeting your Soul Mate as long as you are actively working on your weight issues and are feeling good about yourself and the progress you are making. So just enjoy the process of becoming the best person you can be and trust that when the time is right, your angels will arrange for you to meet your Soul Mate.

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Four Steps to Attracting Your Soul Mate

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This article was published on 2010/04/02
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