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MODE OF Cosmic Therapy: For the Love of Esoteric Wisdom

The human body will fail, the mind will fade but the soul will never diminish. It is an eternal sacred flame of effervescent glow that can not be extinguished by human hands. Though you may have idealistic notions about how wonderful your soul is, the solemn truth pierces the veil of your deceptive illusions. She is ruthless, unconcerned, disinterested and merciless in her approach for human experience. She has plummeted you into a world of existence in which you are to learn (remember) how to survive, adapt, reproduce, thrive and rise above any and all adversity without even as much as a nod of approval from her.

The soul will in no wise be affected except by and through your ability to realize that the experiences on Earth are provided as the 'soil to toil' for her alone to experience the lessons for disengagement, through you, as is necessary and as she deems fit. You are to be fully involved in every circumstance, relationship, involvement, situation, event, and episode simply for the experience (proper understanding) of it and then evolve out of the variegated occurrences without bitterness, regret, remorse, pride, or sense of accomplishment of your own merit. You are never to now exactly when or how any of it will end or progress. In the meantime, you are to live without thought, care or worry. You will be plagued with doubt, fear, pain, embarrassment and humiliation of every conceivable nature.

It is written "...you will be despised and rejected among your own..." (Paraphrased). Have you suffered through any of this yet? As a personal beacon of light for your information, while engaged in your present circumstances and involvements, most especially intimate relationships, when you feel the absolute most hopeless, helpless and totally unclear, blinded by insecurity and confusion regarding your personal progress, success, materialization of desires or goals that you set for yourself, thinking it could not get could not any worse, know beyond a shadow of a doubt that personal regression and despair is a clear cut diamond faceted indication that you as a personality are releasing control over to your soul. This state of tribulation, my friend, is a glorious thing. Rejoice prayerfully in the assured knowledge that you have indeed arrived at a place of desecrated absolution.

Life is a mysterious creature and without the benefit of esoteric wisdom of old, "...we would all be men most miserable..." (Paraphrased). It is prodigiously written that we are to live abundantly and be full of good cheer. Whether that is a sick joke or an enlightened aphorism, nevertheless, we are to find our way "...through fear and trembling..." (Paraphrased) How are we to do this? By and through the various ordeals our particular life offers us on a daily basis. Some of our trials will be harrowing, no doubt. Some of them will be jubilant but somewhere in the middle is where we are to find happiness. {Salvation}

Convinced that humans are pleasure seeking creatures and self-motivated to fulfill these pleasures for the soul's benefit of experience, it bears witness in examination that we are to expand our horizons at every possible junction. We are not to hold back, be afraid, cow down, and dismiss our desires on any level. We are neither, to usurp the rights, advantages, positions, or supposed 'portions of favor' of another. We are to travel in our own {Soul's} selected orbit without collision or recourse.

What I have to do or want to do in no way affects or diminishes what you care to achieve. If I am 'natural and convenient' in my dealings, I can in no wise upset the apple cart of which you are driving. Nothing that has been allotted for me can be held back from me and the same goes for you. I have no need to quarrel, defend, fight, or bicker with you since you have nothing to do with what I am going to do. I will not look to you for help nor will you ask it of me. I am perfectly capable of carrying my own bags as are you. Nothing that will ever occur will be out of season since it is impossible for it to be so.

If in fact the ineffable soul has determined an existence of human experience in each of us, we shall not be denied the entirety of that professed life. On the same token, we are not to shy away from certain responsibilities and obligations that we are inherently guided to assume. These duties can not ever be imposed from the outside. She (the affable soul) dictates all actions from a divine sphere without question, approval or response from us. Since she is the divine trickster, in regards to how our lives unfold, (her private joke) we can openly invite the various pleasures of our innate natures into the picture for selection and processing.

No one would argue that the Soul is absolute love but what that entails, no one knows for certain. Just for starters, Sublime love goes beyond rational reason, logical explanation, comparison, competition, and judgment. Since we, as mortals, are completely biased, prejudiced, grievous, greedy, jealous, self-serving, resentful, competitive, and bustin' a gut of ego in a pot belly filled to overflowing of lust in appetite for winning, appreciation and aggrandizement, we fall just a little short of her excellence. So, what are we to do? The only thing we can do. Surrender. Give over to her inexplicable way of experiencing this life.

I can assure you it will be a flavorful, pleasure filled, pain reeked existence but not without the assurance that we are doing it because we WANT to and for no other reason! That would certainly eliminate our trying to defend, excuse, apologize, take credit for or blame in various situations when it's ridiculous to do so. The soul desires to create and express fully in every imaginable fashion while we inhabiting this body of flesh. We are capable, because of her, of doing incredible feats; unimaginable even at present sitting. "...greater things will you do, than I do..." (Paraphrased). If that's so, I'm throwing my hat of resistance into the tub and picking up her cloak of "...joy inexpressible and full of glory..." (Paraphrased). I always did like a good drama; one I couldn't figure out the plot!

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Our Ruthless Soul - The Divine Trickster

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This article was published on 2010/04/02