Recognizing Your Soul

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Are we enjoying our existence? Are we living in the abundance and tranquility that our soul deserves to experience? Are we fulfilling our soul's purpose? Every one is unique but we are all consciousness evolving and expanding and experiencing ourselves on the path of knowing one's self.

When we start to recognize what is beneath our flesh we begin to ascend into the subtle realms where joy is a natural state of existence. This is the world that every soul will eventually seek and we need not travel very far to find it. In fact, it is only a moment away.

We are all inter-connected, there is no separation. In order for us to truly know ourselves we have created this illusion of disconnection from each other and even our own self. Evolution is a process and part of that process is the experience of unconsciousness. We must first be that which we are not, in order to know that which we are. We entertain thoughts of separation so that we will fully realize the infinite wisdom that lies within us. In other words, I believe we are here to recognize ourselves.

We are trying to recognize our soul hidden among the forms that masquerade in front of us. Every moment we are tempted into believing that we are the physical form and not just using it as a vehicle of self-awareness and expression. That temptation is even stronger when all we can see is the physical.

I pray every day that we will all awaken to the other worlds that exist around us so that we can start to see how Divine, eternal and expansive we are. Once we start to see how unlimited our consciousness is, how incredibly aware and loving, how infinitely beautiful and valuable to the Universe, we will begin to see the light that we so desperately seek to find outside of us.

Souls who are trying to find this light are not sure what it is they are yearning for and fall prey to strategic advertising. We have all forgotten our true home which causes the soul to grieve over those lost memories of being pure conscious Spirit. Continued grief turns in to depression and affects every aspect of your life. But eventually that grief turns into something else, it turns into desire to know another way of existing, to participate in creating another kind of reality, and to finally express another way of being. Our hearts wants to walk hand in hand with the source paving a way of light, a way of truth and a way of love for everyone to follow.

I pray every day that we can recognize ourselves beneath all the clothing and walls we put up to protect our ego against the very thing our soul desires. We are protecting ourselves from what we want by looking outside for some semblance of happiness. When we protect our ego from what the soul truly wants, we are driving away from the only source of peace that can fulfill the heart. We are turning away from our true self, our Spirit, when we choose to believe that we are nothing more than physical forms needing to do what it takes to survive.

Let us take the time necessary to go within and recognize the soul, recognize the brilliance of a thousand suns bursting with intelligence and life. Let us awaken to the soul's true purpose of recognizing itself and experiencing the ecstasy of perceiving the Spirit that exists everywhere, from within.

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Recognizing Your Soul

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This article was published on 2010/03/31