The Respect of Your Soul

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What does it take to gain the soul's respect? If you are the type who promises more than you can possibly deliver and time after time fall short of the big goals you intend then there may be a slight disconnection between your conscious mind and your higher self or soul.

For years the author did his best to accommodate each and every request for help. Wanting to please people and make the world a more harmonious place was the motivation that always encouraged a yes no matter how absurd the request. It was not out of malice that I would agree to terms that a part of me knew was impossible to was out of kindness, chivalry and a desire to please everyone.

It took years to come to grips with my less-than-super-man abilities. I wanted to be everywhere at once and help everyone. When I did learn that my abilities did have some limitation I became more peaceful and relaxed in my life. For years I was running around like some headless chicken and rendered myself less useful. I was ever in a mode of catching up with life and all my obligations. Creating healthy boundaries between me and that which life was asking was the best thing I ever did for myself.

For now I can calculate exactly how much time it will take me to do all I need to in one day with time to spare for rest and rejuvenation. Stress is a thing of the past. All I did was realize that I cannot please everybody and do not have to. The more I acquiesced to the needs of others the more I lost myself and less effective and more stressed I became. Wanting to please others and take some of each person's "load" I became over-loaded and miserable. I had lost the respect of my soul.

In order to have a stress free life one must be in constant contact with your higher "soul" self. If you are unhappy in anyway there is a slight disconnection. The underlying motivation of all life is joy. Any lack of joy indicates a lack of rapport and respect between your conscious mind and your soul which ever promises joy and love.

If you find your joy in any moment you are gaining the respect and power of your soul. It is this simple. Find your joy and be in rapport with the one who will honor and respect you the most...yourself.

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The Respect of Your Soul

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This article was published on 2010/03/27