What Are SoulMates? (And Where in the WORLD Is My Soul Mate HIDING?)

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Who else is looking for their soul mate? Are you starting to wonder if soul mates are even real... or beginning to wonder if YOU have one? (or did the Universe have a "vacation" day when planning for yours..:-) And what about love at first sight? Is that a silly, romantic idea that only works well in the movies, or do some people REALLY know, at first blush... that they are truly and forever meant to be together, from the very first glance? And lastly... if in fact soul mates are real, why are YOU having such a difficult time finding your own, and what can you do to radically transform your love life, and your future, in 2011 and forever more?

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at the idea of fate, destiny and LOVE that transcends time and space, and give you a few easy exercises you can do to help find YOUR perfect partner in the next 6 months, ALMOST guaranteed!

Okay... but what ARE soul mates anyway?

Great question! My favorite soul mate "quote" is from a VERY unlikely source - a "Dracula" movie re-make: Gary Oldham says to Winnona Ryder -

"I have crossed OCEANS of Time to Be with YOU".

I love that line... and thinks it exemplifies the idea of spiritual soul mates, or perfect partners who are DESTINED to be together at a karmic level that transcends the ordinary awareness that most of us bring to our daily lives. I truly believe that there are special "souls" that are woven into the tapestry of our karma, and our unique life purpose... and that our mission is to find and recognize them when we cross paths. (even if it's JUST for a second)

Does everyone have a soul mate?

I believe so, yes. Actually, I believe that we each have MORE than one soul mate... but only one true "romantic" flame or lover that is our true spiritual other half. My experience with all things metaphysical leads me to believe that we have "groups" of souls that we are connected to, and that we are "here" to learn together, grow together and evolve so that we can progress or move forward in whatever waits for us beyond this realm..:-) Our true spiritual partner though, is that very special bond you share with ONE special soul... where that connection is more intimate than mere matters of the heart.

If all this is true, why are so MANY people unhappy in their relationships?

Very simple. Because more often than NOT, they are not "with" the person that I'm describing above. The truth is, we are so conditioned by external influences when it comes to choosing our partners, that the vast majority of us make dreadful mistakes along the way. Picking a partner that is convenient, or that our family and friends like, or that is comfortable... rather than truly listening to our authentic voice and recognizing that unique "quiver" in our belly when that special soul crosses our path... if only for a fleeting moment, and we KNOW there is something there that transcends explanation.

The KEY to finding your soul mate is patience. And listening to your heart. And trusting your own intuition... and instincts. Asking the universe for HELP, guidance and clarity, and believing that you have a unique purpose for being alive right here, and right now. And that is to be LOVED, to give love... and to feel loved with every fabric of your being. This is when you know your soul mate has found you. Or you've found them. It doesn't really make a difference... once it happens, you WON'T need an article like this one to explain it..:-)

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What Are SoulMates? (And Where in the WORLD Is My Soul Mate HIDING?)

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What Are SoulMates? (And Where in the WORLD Is My Soul Mate HIDING?)

This article was published on 2011/05/27
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